VEIIK Micko Disposable Vape in Dubai

VEIIK Micko Disposable Vape are a device similar to a simple pen or classic cigarette in size. The slim steel body is decorated with a sticker in the color of the flavor. The mouthpiece is plastic and round, almost does not protrude, inside there is an insert of synthetic material soaked in liquid. At the bottom there is a LED indicator and a noise sensor, the air intake is through a small hole in the plug.

The VEIIK device itself is packaged in a white blister pack with a cutout for quick opening. The box is made in pastel colors with bright decor in the form of flavoring the contents. The original product has a holographic authenticity sticker on the package, as well as certification marks. The VEIIK Micko line comes in 10 different flavors for 400 puffs:

Characteristics of VEIIK Micko

If you have decided to buy VEIIK Micko Dubai, then first familiarize yourself with the main performance characteristics of the device:

  • Dimensions: 106,5 x 10,5 mm;
  • Weight: unknown;
  • Case material: stainless steel 304;
  • Power: Built-in 310 mAh;
  • Cartridge Capacity: 1,5 ml;
  • Vaporizer resistance: 1.8 Ω;
  • Output power: unknown;
  • Mode: Power;
  • Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit;
  • Screen/diagonal: none;
  • Micro-USB port/charging: not provided.

The salt nicotine content in VEIIK Micko is 2%, that is 20 mg/ml. The full-bodied flavor lasts for 6 months or more. To buy Micko Dubai, order through our website by adding the device with your favorite flavor to the cart.