VEIIK Micko Pie (π) Disposable Vape in Dubai

The Chinese company VEIIK is known for producing disposable vape. One of the products released is the Micko π (Pie), which conforms to the "penstyle" format and looks like a felt-tip pen or a pen. The body is made of steel and decorated with a colorful collage sticker depicting flavor components. The mouthpiece is plastic and quite large. There are five holes at the bottom to release the smoke, behind which is a noise sensor and a white LED.

As for the packaging, it also duplicates the flavor name, there is also a holographic sticker for authentication, barcodes and device specifications. The Micko Pie disposable vape pen features 12 different flavors, each for 600 puffs:

Characteristics of Micko π (Pie) Disposable Vape

If you have decided to buy VEIIK Micko π (Pie) Dubai, then first of all you should familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the device:

  • Dimensions: 97 x 14 mm;
  • Weight: unknown;
  • Case material: stainless steel 304;
  • Power: Built-in 500 mAh;
  • Cartridge Capacity: 3 ml;
  • Vaporizer resistance: 1.8 Ω;
  • Output power: unknown;
  • Mode: Power;
  • Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit;
  • Screen/diagonal: none;
  • Micro-USB port/charging: not provided.

The salt nicotine content in VEIIK Micko π (Pie) is 5%, which is 50 mg per ml. Cigarettes are sold by the piece or in whole packs of 10 pieces. To buy VEIIK Micko π (Pie), simply add your favorite flavor to your cart and place your order online.